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Before Admission

Your doctor will notify the hospital of the date of your procedure/operation and inform you of the day of admission. The doctor will also explain your procedure/ operation to you and complete the consent form with you. Your doctor may request that you undergo a general health assessment with a General Practitioner.

Pre-admission is an important part of your care. Prior to you coming into hospital, you are required to register your admission to confirm your personal details, health history, financial details and other arrangements. This can be done by the following methods:

  • Complete your Admission Form Online:


  • Complete the form provided by your doctor and
    • Submit in person at our hospital prior to your admission date
    • Fax to (02) 4367 3881 (please also bring the originals on the day of surgery)
    • Post to: Central Coast Day Hospital, PO Box 3534, ERINA NSW 2250
    • Email a scanned copy to

Our nursing staff will contact you several days prior to admission to advise you of your pre-admission preparation and fasting times. Please contact the hospital or your doctor if you develop a cold or illness prior to surgery.

If you have any questions about the hospital’s procedures, completion of forms, day surgery fees or your health insurance status, our staff will be happy to assist you.

All patients must have a carer present on the night of surgery. If the patient does not comply with this requirement a release of responsibility is to be signed on discharge from the hospital. Carers will be asked for an accessible contact number.